Zoey Lavell

I have no specific thing to blog about. I may even just ramble on and on about nothing on occasion. But, sometimes, a girl just has to vent. I see a lot of random things, and strange people, so maybe I'll share those with you too.


"This is very difficult for me to talk about so I sent a fan mail instead of an ask because I don’t want it published, but if you ever feel like copying it and leaving out my user name feel free to do so!

There is no reason to excuse old white racists. I’m white, and I grew up with my…

Thank you for speaking up. Whoever you are.



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Lets hear it for France guys, they know whats up


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I want to be free. Free from the pressure to conform. I want to be able have purple hair if I please, without being denied opportunities based on my appearance. I’m tired of rules. If I’m not harming you, myself, or anyone else, why can you dictate to me, who I can be outside of my home?


days with my fave mermaid. 7/28/14

I miss my free days. I’d love to wear this color. Corporate life. Boo.

My relationship

My relationship

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Story of my life

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Damn why y’all gotta do her like that? So damn childish…